Promotion of Traditional Tourism Infrastructure through improvement of cultural & natyral resources and Innovative solutions

Specific problem of the area to be addressed

Government of Albania considers Tourism as one of the 2 main pillars of Albania’s future economic growth. With its coastlines, reach nature & cultural history Albania has much to offer. But despite a huge potential the sector’s performance is underperforming. The reasons for not achieving full potential are complex but Albania is particularly weak in facilitating a soft infrastructure necessary to connect tourists with its vast attractions, services offered by SME’s and elements of “character tourism”

Main project activities planned

The project aims to improve the infrastructure for development and sustainable of “Character Tourism” through promotion of traditional tourism and cultural heritage by incentivizing the SME's competitiveness toward transboundary tourism. The project will develop a Collaboration Scheme between SME’s in entire Value Chain of tourism; will provide Capacity Building through Technical Assistance and dedicated Technical & Vocational trainings for SME’s to improve services and develop new products, will build innovation technologies including digitalization of museums infrastructure and/or facilities of tourists interest as part of the cultural heritage; build a software to manage customer requirements and complaints, Increase Digital Marketing Presence, Conduct Social Media and Awareness national campaigns; Promotion of SME’s products and activity making them more visible to the tourists. Building web sites contents;

Expected outputs and results

The intervention will increase SME's productivity and competitiveness, will improve tourist infrastructure, increase the number of tourists and employment, will improve quality of products and services offered by businesses, increase the management capacity of SME's;

Area of expertise/interest

CBS is a business consulting non-profit organization (NGO) located in Tirana that provides consultancy services & implement innovative solutions for local entrepreneurs, organizations, donors and financial institutions. Its primary target customer base is SME’s while the organization works closely with banks, FI’s and international development agencies. CBS’ mission is to accelerate economic development sectors and segments in need, by producing real solutions for the client with the highest professional standards and measurable benefits. CBS covers entire geographic areas in Albania through 4 regional branches in Fier, Gjirokastra, Korça and Dibra.