The programme

The Interreg IPA CBC Programme “Greece – Albania 2014 – 2020” was approved by the European Commission on 30/07/2015 by decision C (2015) 5482. The second modification of the Programme was approved by the European Commission on 14/02/2018 by decision C (2018) 559.


The total budget allocated to the Programme (according to the 2nd Modification) is 54.076.734,00€, out of which 45.965.222,00€ (85%) is Union Support and the 8.111.512,00€ (15%) the National Counterpart.

The overall strategy of the Interreg IPA CBC Programme “Greece – Albania 2014 – 2020” is to find the balance between sustainable regional development and enhancement of cross-border cooperation among local population and regional institutions, in accordance with EU and national policies, in order to address common challenges through joint interventions.

Eligible Area

The eligible cross-border area spreads from the Ionia Sea to the Prespa Lakes.

  • GR: The Regional Units of Grevena, Kastoria, Florina, Arta, Thesprotia, Ioannina, Preveza, Zakynthos, Corfu, Kefallinia and Lefkada
  • AL: The Regions of Vlorë, Gjirokastër, Korçë and Berat

The Programme will be implemented under 4 thematic priorities and is structured as follows:

Priority Axis Thematic Priorities Specific Objectives
1. Promotion of the environment, sustainable transport and public infrastructure (c) Promoting Sustainable transport, information and communication networks and services and investing in cross-border water, waste and energy systems and facilities 1.1 Increase the capacity of cross-border infrastructure in transport, water and waste management
(b) Protecting the environment and promoting climate change adaptation and mitigation, risk prevention and management 1.2 Increase the effectiveness of environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources
1.3 Increase energy efficiency and the use of RES
1.4 Improve the effectiveness of risk prevention and disaster management with a focus on forest fires
2. Boosting the local economy (d) Encouraging tourism and cultural and natural heritage 2.1 Preserve cultural and natural resources as a prerequisite for tourism development of the cross-border area
(g) Enhancing competitiveness, the business environment and the development of small and medium sized enterprises, trade and investment through, inter alia, promotion and support to entrepreneurship, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises, and development of local cross-border markets and internationalisation 2.2 Improve cross-border capacity to support entrepreneurship, business survival and competitiveness
3. Technical Assistance 3.1 Effective overall management
3.2 Effective communication and Publicity


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