Gastronomy paths

Specific problem of the area to be addressed

Both the eligible countries and areas, have a rich natural beauty- combining mountain and sea-with many cultural monuments, presenting huge tourism development opportunities, not only as holiday destinations but also as a chance for development of alternative tourism forms. In this area, is established a significant number of tourism businesses as well as local businesses & SMEs, which produce and trade local goods and flavors, however they are not enough exploited by the local societies.

Main project activities planned

The project aims to establish a linking strategy of the tourist actions in the eligible area with the local production process, aiming to develop the local “identity”, by promoting the gastronomic tourism, with a targeted exploitation of the local products & the local cultural & natural heritage. It will be created a new tourist “lifestyle” and gastronomy will be the “channel” for the local society to extend the tourist season and gain a strong competitive tourism advantage.

Expected outputs and results

Highlight the natural characteristics of the region /Strengthen the tourism consciousness of the residents/Emerge a local “lifestyle” giving a differentiation-connection of the local cuisine with the cultural heritage/Creation of local quality bilateral agreements/Strategic linking of tourism activities with the local production process/Adoption of this tourism philosophy by the local businesses, producers & traders of local products /Exchange of gastronomy experiences & raise of the tourism

Area of expertise/interest

As a company with branches in the eligible area in Greece, we are interested to cooperate with public and/or private bodies and authorities, in the eligible areas in Greece and Albania, like Municipalities, Local Authorities, Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Tourism Associations, Universities, Region authorities and Local trade unions, aiming to implement this project idea.