Boosting competitiveness of SME’s through incentivizing sustainable business performance and Entrepreneurial networks

Specific problem of the area to be addressed

95% of businesses in Albania are SME, employing 81% of working age population and contributing 70% of the country’s GDP. However this engine of the economy struggle with significant gaps that remains in terms of human capital development and technological capacity, hampering the ability of Albanian companies to compete properly with EU SME’s and to survive so EU market competition. As a result the sector suffers from lower income & exports don’t grow up, weak network to exchange knowledge & experience.

Main project activities planned

The project intervention will provide SME’s with a comprehensive packagace of advanced services such as product development strategy, marketing plans and investments plans with the main aim to upgrade the business development stage and capacity building for a rapidly business growth, Assistance in establishing market linkages; B2B meetings to encrease linkage opportunities, expand sales and explore new export opportunities; Vocational and technical trainings dedicated to employes in SME’s who have invested in new technologies and/or start-ups; Develop a collaboration scheme where SME’s can exchange information and transfer knowledge, enable business environment and increase exports in new markets;

Expected outputs and results

Accelerate business and economic growth
Accelerate Opportunities to meet new markets
Incentivize Exports and market Competitiveness
Incentivize business expansion
Increase products range
Increase sales and linkage in assistance to export
Expand cross border cooperation

Area of expertise/interest

CBS is a business consulting non-profit organization (NGO) located in Tirana that provides consultancy services & implement innovative solutions for local entrepreneurs, organizations, donors and financial institutions. Its primary target customer base is SME’s while the organization works closely with banks, FI’s and international development agencies. CBS’ mission is to accelerate economic development sectors and segments in need, by producing real solutions for the client with the highest professional standards and measurable benefits. CBS covers entire geographic areas in Albania through 4 regional branches in Fier, Gjirokastra, Korça and Dibra.