Environmental Center of Region of Western Macedonia


1st Km Ptolemaida - Kozani Rd



ENVIRONMENTAL CENTRE (KE.ΠΕ) was established by the 151/1997 Prefecture Council decision of Kozani Prefecture (FEK B’ 179/25-2-1998), and it came into operation in August of 1999.

Today ENVIRONMENTAL CENTRE operates as a Regional Enterprise of Western Macedonia Region. As a Regional Enterprise is the Strategic Consultant of the Regional Government of Western Macedonia regarding environmental issues and sustainable development policies.

ENVIRONMENTAL CENTRE is certified with ISO 9001:2000 and with ISO 17025 for operating water quality laboratory.

ENVIRONMENTAL CENTRE’s scope is the enhancement of the environmental quality in the Region of Western Macedonia, by means of:

  1. Controlling and monitoring environmental quality
  2. Elaborating environmental research projects and studies
  3. Expertise provision in environmental issues
  4. Environmental data dissemination and partnership development – Enforcing public awareness and safety