Regulatory framework

Regulatory Framework

In this section you can find the Rules, Regulations and Laws that are related to the Programme and Project Implementation.

EU Legislation

2462/2015 Financial Rules applicable to the general budget of the Union

207/2015 Implementing Regulation (Reporting)

1011/2014 Implementing Regulation (Exchange of information between beneficiaries and Programme authorities)

481/2014 Eligibility of Expenditures

447/2014 Implementing Regulation – Instrument of Pre-Accession Assistance

236/2014 Common Rules and Procedures for the Implementation of the Union’s Instruments for financing External Actions

231/2014 Establishing an Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance

215/2014 Methodologies for Climate Change Support, Determination of Milestones and Targets in the Performance Framework and the Nomenclature of Categories for Intervention for the European Structural and Investment Funds

1315/2013 Union Guidelines for the Development of the trans-European Transport Network

1303/2013 Common and General Provisions

1302/2013 Clarification, Simplification and Improvement of the Establishment and Functioning of EGTC groupings

1301/2013 European Development Fund and Specific Provisions concerning the Investment for Growth and Jobs Goal

1300/2013 Annulment of Regulation 1084/2006

1299/2013 Specific Provisions for the Support from ERDF to the European Territorial Cooperation goal

1268/2012 Rules of Application of Regulation 966/2012

966/2012 Financial Rules Applicable to the General Budget of the Union

Greek legislation

Ministerial Decision (ΥΠΑΣΥΔ)





Νέα χρηματικά όρια για την ανάθεση δημοσίων συμβάσεων

Εξειδίκευση Οδηγιών για τις διαδικασίες υλοποίησης των έργων και την επιλεξιμότητα των δαπανών των Προγραμμάτων ΜΠΒ ΙΙ (ΙΡΑ ΙΙ) Ευρωπαϊκής Εδαφικής Συνεργασίας

Nόμος 4912/2022 – Κρατήσεις υπέρ ΕΑΔΗΣΥ

Albanian legislation

Law 115 Article 11 and Supplementary Instruction No. 1 – Annex B

Normative Act no. 10 for the compensation of the price increase on raw materials

Law 84 Article 11 and Supplementary Instruction No. 2