Thematic CB tourism development through the preservation of stone craftsmanship – Stone.Art

Priority axis

2 - Boosting the local economy

Specific objective

2.1 Preserve cultural and natural resources as a prerequisite for tourism development of the cross border area




23 months

The cross border region and especially the areas of Konitsa and Permet ,along with the wider regions of Ioannina and Gjirokaster, share common social and cultural traditions. They are well known through the ages for the craftsmanship of their masons and the exquisite building techniques they used to implement, especially with the stone as the primary building material. The preservation of this significant cultural heritage,as an emblematic characteristic of both countries, is very important for the overall promotion and enhancement of cultural tourism in the wider cross border area. While many actions and projects have been implemented on this field from both sides, there is a need for a combined intervention that would lie on three basic and interactive axes. 1. The acquaintance of the cultural heritage & craftsmanship by developing and using specialized tools, 2. The promotion of significant stone monuments of the CB area by elaborating an immersive approach to the visitor’s engagement, while creating a clear thematic tourism approach and 3. The preservation of the stone building techniques and methods as a continuous educational asset. In this wider context, and in a time that the lack of specialized masons and building technicians is becoming critical for the preservation and possible rehabilitation of stone monuments and buildings, it is crucial to create a training and educational center in order to maintain this knowledge alive and available as an asset for future generations. To succeed that, we have to ensure that these techniques will be well documented and analyzed in order to be also utilized as best practices for nowadays infrastructure issues and problems. At the same time, this documentation will be the basis for development of digital and publishing content that will promote and enhance the full spectrum of cultural heritage assets of the region and valorize the touristic product of the CB area, creating an area-branded touristic pole.

Lead beneficiary

Municipality of Konitsa

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