Straightening Tourism Awareness of the Youth

Specific problem of the area to be addressed

Both countries, face in a different level- as we talk for a EU & a non-EU member state-difficulty to keep the young people in their area. The youth requests more job opportunities, usually ignoring their field of studies & selecting something absolutely different. In parallel, the tourism sector, one of the main sources of revenues for both countries, should be developed and enhanced in a local, regional, national and cross-border level.

Main project activities planned

The project aims to enhance the active participation of the youth to the society, creating potential business opportunities, by promoting the dialogue between young people and their communities, always focused in the tourism development of these areas, as well as the development of various and alternative forms of tourism associated with the local unique natural and cultural environment.

Expected outputs and results

A survey for the potentials of tourism development in the eligible area; development of various forms of tourism associated with the unique natural & cultural environment & the local economy; creation of " identity "& "branded tourism"; planning of ecotourism development; emergence of the local competitive superiorities of each region & the local cultural heritage; the strengthening of tourism consciousness of young residents through innovative visitor reception and hospitality events.

Area of expertise/interest

As a company with brunches in the eligible area in Greece, we are interested to cooperate with public and/or private bodies and authorities, in the eligible areas in Greece and Albania, like Municipalities, Local Authorities, Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Tourism Associations, Universities, Region authorities and Local trade unions, aiming to implement this project idea.