5th Targeted Call for Project Proposals

The 5th Call for Project Proposals was a Targeted Call and it was open only for Specific Objective 1.4 under the Priority Axis 1.


Priority Axis 1: Promotion of the environment, sustainable transport and public infrastructure

Thematic Priority (b) Protecting the environment & promoting climate change adaptation & mitigation, risk prevention & management

Specific Objective 1.4 Improve the effectiveness of risk prevention and disaster management with a focus on forest fires


The budget of the 5th Call is 2.500.000 € (of which 2.125.000€ Union Support and 375.000 € National Counterpart).




Extension of the submission deadline for the 5th Targeted Call for Project Proposal

The deadline for the submission of Project Proposal under the 5th  Targeted Call  has been  extended.

The new deadline is  24/02/2020 , 15:00 local time.




The 5th Targeted Call for Project Proposals is now open!

The Programme will accept applications  only under Priority Axis 1, Specific Objective 1.4 Improve effectiveness of risk prevention and disaster management with a focus on forest fires.

Beneficiaries of the Targeted Call:

  • Headquarters of the Hellenic Fire Corps
  • Ministry of Tourism and Environment of Albania
  • Ministry of Defense (General Department of Civil Emergencies)
  • Municipality of Berat

The Terms of Reference and the Application Package are available for download.

The deadline of the call is 24/01/2020 (15:59 Greek time)!

Project proposals will be submitted through MIS!

In order to draft their proposals, it is imperative for applicants to study carefully all Programme documents, including the Cooperation Programme and the Programme & Project Manual, as well as the specific documents related to the Call. Applicants should send their questions electronically to the emails jts_gral@mou.gr. All questions will be grouped and the answers will be uploaded at the Programme’s website.