1st Public Consultation Phase Questionnaire Interreg IPA CBC Greece-Albania 2021-2027


The Managing Authority of European Territorial Cooperation Programmes on behalf of the Programming Committee for the drafting of the IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme “Greece-Albania 2021-2027”, applying the partnership and multilevel governance principles in the development of the ETC Operational Programmes, announces a public consultation process for the drafting of the new IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme “Greece-Albania 2021-2027” and invites the following groups of stakeholders to actively participate:

  1. National, regional and local public authorities,
  2. Business support organizations, including chambers of commerce, networks and clusters,
  3. Higher education and research institutions,
  4. Interest group including NGOs and citizen´s associations,
  5. National, regional or local development agencies,
  6. Other public organisations,
  7. School/education and training centres,
  8. Sectoral agencies,
  9. Social organizations.

Your input to the drafting of the new Cooperation Programme is considered valuable in order to respond effectively to the challenges and the opportunities of the cross-border area and establish productive cross-border cooperation in the new programming period.

The present message marks the beginning of Phase A of the consultation process. This phase will be followed by a second round of consultations which includes development workshops, the results of which will lead to the drafting of the new Programme. Each workshop will be dedicated to each priority of the new Programme for 2021-2027 in which beneficiaries and other relevant actors will participate. The third phase includes the approval and fine tuning of the Programme document based on the feedback received by the actors involved through workshops and questionnaires.

This first consultation phase (Phase A) will result to the selection of the Programme Strategy (Priorities, Policy and Specific Objectives). Special attention will be drawn to the results/ contents of the projects already funded by the programme so as to improve the thematic concentration and identification of specifities of the Greece-Albania Programme compared to other programmes of the area.  Capitalization of the ‘lessons learnt’ will lead to the improvement of Programme’s provisions in terms of type of projects to be funded (standard, strategic or other available options). Also, the contribution of the programme to EUSAIR strategy, will be outlined with reference to the thematic priorities and flagship projects identified by the EUSAIR embedding process.

We,  therefore, invite you to submit your views -in relation to your specific thematic field of expertise- with regards to:

  1. Your past experience with the Interreg IPA CBC Programme “Greece-Albania 2014-2020” and the aspects of this Programme that could be improved upon in the new programming period 2021-2027.
  2. The current challenges, needs and development priorities in the eligible cross-border area.
  3. The suitability of available policy tools for responding to those challenges.

The questionnaires have been adapted in the google platform and can be found in the following links:



Policy makers


By answering the questionnaire, you will directly contribute to the design of the new Cross-border Cooperation IPA Programme “Greece-Albania 2021-2027”. Moreover, we inform you that the relevant link has been uploaded in the Programme’s website:  www.2014-2020.greece-albania.eu

Please make sure you fill in the questionnaire until Friday 15, January, 2020

For further information, please contact: